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Unique Ways to Greet Your Brewery Customers As They Enter | Taproom Yoga

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 3, 2016 4:19:28 PM / by Giovanni Tropeano

6 Unique Ways to Greet Your Brewery Customers

So the taproom just opened for business for the day and your first customer walks in.   What do you say to them?  How do you make them feel welcome?  
Likewise, as the taproom fills up and new folks come in, don’t let them get lost in the crowd.  Obviously you want to serve them a beer and greet them, but how can we give them a great customer experience.  One way is to have a unique way to greet your brewery customers as they walk in the door.  Here are a few examples:
∴A collective “Hi! or “Hey!” or “WooHoo!” or “Yay!"- If everyone behind the bar did this in unison, the customer feels super welcome.   It’s a great way to invite folks in the door and put a smile on their face really easily.  This can also be parroted and personalized with a “Welcome to [insert brewery name here]!”  If you really want to be inviting and have a friendly feel, then go for it!
∴Flick the light off and on once - Ok this may confuse people, put them on edge, or make them question the integrity of the electrical system of the building, but the funny part comes when folks that are already in the taproom figure it out and watch people’s reactions. 
∴Everyone stop and give the new arrivals a standing ovation - Be careful no to interrupt operations here, as I know we need our hands to poor beer, fill growlers and serve, but how fun would that be to walk into the taproom and have the staff clap for you?!  How much better will it be when everyone there picks up on it and joins in?!  They can essentially take over for the staff.
∴Kiss the Three Fingers and hold them up for Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games - So some folks will catch on quick and other won’t get it,  but this is an example of one greeting that is quiet, passive, and unique.  You only need one hand and don’t even have to be looking at them to execute. 
∴A military style salute - This variant is similar in execution and those most enthusiastic can square off and wait to get the salute back.
∴Cheers (English and Cultural variants) - this salutation warms the soul as folks enter and are greeted by staff and patrons with the same collective, “Cheers!”  It’s like saying “Welcome” without saying it.  To switch it up, you can choose, "Salute!” or “Nastrovia!” or other translations.  Looking for ideas?  Here is Cheers in 50 Languages.
This is all about building a brand, a following and community.  Tip - change the greeting daily to keep repeat customers on their toes, but make it uniform throughout the day.
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Giovanni Tropeano

Written by Giovanni Tropeano