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Creating an Inviting & Memorable Taproom Experience for Women | Taproom Yoga

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 4, 2017 12:01:56 PM / by Giovanni Tropeano posted in Events

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Men love beer. Women love beer. Everyone loves beer. But more frequently than not, the majority of a taproom’s customers seem to be men. Why is that? 

While we don’t profess to know exactly, we think it has something to do with how taprooms market themselves to women (or perhaps there’s a lack of this which could be the problem too!) There’s an opportunity for many taprooms to improve how they connect with their female customers. Inviting women to reimagine the way that they can gather together with friends & family to celebrate and enjoy life’s pleasures with a beer in hand is just the thing to get more women in the door.

Spark more interest from your existing or prospective female customers!  Below are some ways breweries are creating an inviting and memorable taproom experience for women:


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What is Yoga At Breweries all About | Taproom Yoga

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 18, 2016 4:54:03 PM / by Giovanni Tropeano posted in Events

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Just like any physical routine, getting on the yoga mat takes motivation and dedication, but it gets a little easier when a fresh cold beer is the carrot that dangles at the end of the practice. Much like running a road race and then having a beer, chasing a yoga practice with a beer is a bit of an oxymoron (think detox then retox). But I've been teaching yoga at breweries for a year now...and it’s awesome!

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Plan a Halloween Party at a Brewery | Taproom Yoga

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 3, 2016 10:06:27 AM / by Giovanni Tropeano posted in Events

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Adults and children alike enjoy Halloween.  It’s a time of year to celebrate imagination, creativity…and beer.  (But when is a bad time to celebrate good beer?)  House and work parties are overrated.  House parties get hot, and crowded and the chances of them having decent beer are pretty low.  Work parties force us to have a PC costume and the chances of them offering really good beer is slim to none…unless…you work at a brewery.   So why not throw a halloween party at your brewery for your customers?  
But with less than 30 days from the spookiest day of the year, now is the time to plan a halloween party at a brewery!  Jump on it.  People are already making their plans!  So where do we start?
Your website - post it on the homepage asap.
Fliers - make them and hang them around the brewery.  You may also want to hang a few at local halloween costume shops spread the word!!
Social media - speaking of spread the word, get the event up on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.  
Have the bartenders talk about to it everyone that comes in between now and then. 
Make the party a success: 
- Definitely have a contest for best costume.  This will encourage creativity 
- If you have one ready around that date, use the party to debut a new beer or release a seasonal beer.
- Give a discount on growlers on cans for attendees only (free growlers with a new fill, for example)
- Hold a beer pong tournament that night.  Who can say no to dressing up like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors and playing beer pong with friends or, even better, strangers.  
- Invite a musician or DJ to play that night
- Invite a food truck to park outside the entrance to the taproom
- Make it an animal friendly night.  Offer free dogwood and dog toys for anyone who brings in their best friend 
- Encourage bartenders to dress up that night as well
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