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How To Teach Yoga at Breweries

A complete guide to starting a brewery yoga business - $129

Teaching yoga at breweries is a unique opportunity to grow your yoga teaching business.  Written for professional yoga teachers, it's an easy business to start, run, and realize a return on investment.  This guide, created by the founder of TaproomYoga.com, is gathered from from 7+ years of experience teaching yoga at some of the most renown craft and mainstream breweries in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and California. 

Purchase this guide to gain the knowledge and steps to: 

  • Pay for the cost of this guide in the first 1-2 yoga classes you teach
  • Build a sustainable business
  • Build your following
  • Help funnel students to your studio (if you have one)
  • Make really good per-class pay, like $150+ (I've made $1200 in one class)
  • And so much more!

You can start your business (or supplement your current yoga studio) with this guide.   

At $129 This 25+ page guide will give you all you need to start your program and teach your first and ongoing brewery yoga classes

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About the Author:  Gio Tropeano, RYT-200, has over 600 teaching hours and has run Taproom Yoga since 2015.  He has taught programs in studios, gyms, resorts, private classes and breweries.  

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